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Best bluetooth speaker

The UE Megaboom has an amazing battery life and a volume loud enough for small parties, BBQs and beach trips. I even use it in the car if I'm going to be parked for a while.

Best wireless mouse

Great price for a 5 button mouse. I've had good support from VicTsing in the past.

Best wifi system

Mesh wifi systems are great for large homes.

Best Range Extender

What's important here, is that the range extender supports "802.11 AC" which is the most modern (as of March 2018) wireless network type. This will give you the best range and stability

Keyboard + Mouse Combo

Far cheaper than a Logitech equivalent, with no noticeable drop in quality/performance.

VGA to HDMI Adaptor

Gets the job done.

Things you need for a Rental House


Always check RedFlagDeals for internet deals.

Range Extender

Tenants (especially younger ones, such as students) will not tolerate weak internet connections. If you're renting out something larger than condo/apartment, you'll need a range extender to cover the basement well.