Reverse Calendar

A productivity app turned into a diary/journaling system. Instead of using a calendar normally, i.e scheduling events that will occur in the future, this app encourages you to schedule in reverse. What did you do in the last hour? Type that into RevCal, and it will populate your Google Calendar with your input. Over time, you will be able to see exactly where your time goes, and how to improve your time in a way that no automated tracking system can ever do!


Momenta is unique productivity app based on the tenants of gamificiation and positive psychology. It is being built by a team of software engineering capstone students and will be available Janaury 2017 or earlier.

Landmine Tracker

Landmine Tracker is a website that lets civillians report incidents about landmines left over from past warfare. The imported data is then plotted onto a map, and converted into JSON format for use by statisticians.